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Over many years we have had quite a broad array of customers ranging directly from universities, technical and further education campuses, secondary schools and colleges to students themselves. We strive to do our best to support the industry by keeping a largely diverse range of materials in out stock, we are always open to new ideas and requests to hold materials that we may not already keep on hand.

Our future in education

Our vision for the future includes the continued close support of the education industry.

We remain focused and ahead of the curve when looking to keep the right materials to ensure swift delivery.
Material, not just for student projects (as we are well known for), but also for daily requirements.
Supplying metals for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is another exciting area.
An example of one of the new and exciting products is Titanium for metal additive manufacturing / 3D metal printing.
Right the way through manufacturing, we have the ability to hand pick the raw materials from ingot to finished wire.

“I can rely on them to take the trouble to help us out which means that I can then deliver to my customers the solutions that they are looking for. Specialty Metals enable us to do our job.”

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Specialty Metals Stocklist

Our range of premium quality materials include corrosion-resistant, high-temperature super alloys, titanium, stainless steel and copper based alloys.
Materials like HAYNES® Alloy, HASTELLOY® Alloy, ULTIMET® Alloy, MONEL® Alloy, INCONEL® Alloy, INCOLOY® Alloy and many more.

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Specialty Metals

Specialty Metals