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Our range of premium quality materials include corrosion-resistant, high-temperature super alloys, titanium, stainless steel and copper based alloys.
Materials like HAYNES® Alloy, HASTELLOY® Alloy, ULTIMET® Alloy, MONEL® Alloy, INCONEL® Alloy, INCOLOY® Alloy and many more.

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“For more than ten years, the team at Specialty Metals have professionally, pleasantly, and efficiently assisted me with the sourcing and supply of a wide variety of exotic and high-performance materials used here at “The Foundry”. I have always felt my enquiries were handled promptly, material quotations competitive, production lead times if applicable favourable, and freight costs minimal. Having had many positive previous interactions with Specialty Metals, it’s no surprise I’m speaking with Grant, Mark, Nadine, and Brian with increasing regularity. Congratulations on the company’s continued growth and I look forward to contacting you again soon”

- Foundry Procurement
Specialty Metals

Specialty Metals