Our Company

Our Company

Established in Perth in 1987 and remaining a wholly owned and operated family business in Western Australia, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and relationships with our clients.

Always striving to grow our reputation of being a friendly and capable business by providing great service, reliability and quality. Our diverse customer base spans across market sectors such as defence, energy, mining & minerals processing, chemical processing, fabrication, education, medical, and research & development.

Our Products

With a high focus on quality, the material we provide from our supply chain meets ISO 9001 requirements with tracability.

Drawing from some of the largest producers and stockists across the globe, we specialise in hard-to-find alloys and product forms. Value adding to our materials by offering cutting, machining, forming and welding to customer requirements. Shipping locally and across the world, we supply short lead time material and project related items manufactured to our clients specific requirements.

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Our Trading & Indent

Complimenting our suite of stock items, we offer a trading service.

With access to some of the largest producers and stocking distributors across the globe, we specialise in non-standard items and hard-to-find alloys and product forms including:

  • Pipe flanges, butt weld fittings, threaded fittings, plates, bars, angles, flats and cut shapes.
  • Forgings and ring rolled components.
  • Knife Gate Valves, Ball Valves, Globe Valves & Check Valves.
  • Fasteners, bolts and nuts, and special shapes.
  • Pressure vessel components and heat exchanger tubes & tubesheets.
  • Welding consumables in all alloys for MIG, TIG, filler metals, electrodes, sub arc wire and flux, and flux cored wires.
  • Capital equipment such as sub arc column and boom equipment, rotators and positioners.

Specialty Metals Stocklist

Our range of premium quality materials include corrosion-resistant, high-temperature super alloys, titanium, stainless steel and copper based alloys.
Materials like HAYNES® Alloy, HASTELLOY® Alloy, ULTIMET® Alloy, MONEL® Alloy, INCONEL® Alloy, INCOLOY® Alloy and many more.

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“Specialty Metals has been preferred vendor for the past 10 years. Their worldwide contact list for procurement of difficult-to-find materials on a short lead time has us calling them on a regular basis. The holding of stock in the materials we use on a daily basis means we don’t have to..”

- CEO Welding Process Company
Specialty Metals

Specialty Metals