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  • Invar Alloy

    Invar® (UNS K93600) is a unique nickel-iron controlled expansion alloy.

    With a composition of 36% nominal nickel and the balance Iron, Invar Alloy has the lowest thermal expansion of any known alloy. Another key factor is that Invar exhibits a very low expansivity below its Curie Temperature. This anomaly has been termed “The Invar Effect”. For this reason, Invar Alloy is particularly beneficial in applications that require minimum thermal expansion and high dimensional stability.


    This controlled expansion alloy is used in applications such as measurement and electronic devices where dimensional changes due to temperature must be minimal.

    Billet, Rod & Bar

    ASTM F1684


    UNS K93603, AMS12-23011, MIL-1-23011

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Specialty Metals